It’s okay to start over.

Claud Williams
Apr 3, 2019 · 2 min read

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I know, it’s hard. Trust me, I KNOW.

I’ve started over more times than I can count and right now, I’m in the process of doing so again. Starting was hard enough, but in comparison to this, the first time was easy. In the beginning your full of enthusiasm, everyone is supportive and your naivety means you can probably accomplish impossible because you don’t know better.

… but now, it’s different. You’ve got battles scars, people hardly noticing let along supporting and now you know all 101 reasons why you’ll likely fail intimately. On top of all of that, you have to battle the questions in your head, “what will people think?”, “am I going to look silly?”, “does anyone still care?”.

Let me start by saying your feelings are valid, however, in this season they aren’t going to serve you. So acknowledge them, thank them for trying to protect you and then let them go. What you’re going to do comes with risks, there is no avoiding that, but if you make this work it will be worth it.

I say ‘if you can make it work’ because there are promises of success here. We’re on that #PracticalDreaming tip which means we aim high but we don’t lie to ourselves about what’s in front of us. Instead, we focus on getting wiser, stronger and more skilled so that we can outgrow our challenges. Then we do the work.

With that said, let me leave you with an idea that I picked from Napoleon Hill’s book: Think and Grow Rich which encourages me in moments like this. Once you’re clear on your goals and you refuse to give up, and instead pick yourself every time you fall then sooner or later failure itself will give up on trying to bring you down… then success becomes inevitable.

You got this, keep dreaming.
- Claud “Starting Over Again” Williams

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