The World Needs an Anti-Harassment Movement: So Does Permaculture.
Karryn Olson-Ramanujan

Dear Karryn,

I would like to show my support by facilitating a workshop followed by a discussion at this year’s IPC in India on “Male privilege and dismantling patriarchal values that are not in line with the emergent need for a safety culture”. My intention is to create a safe space free of blame and full of love and compassion where humans (men, women and everyone in between) are invited to listen to each other and explore emergent solutions with the aim to co-evolve your work and focus towards a regenerative culture and zero sexual harassment and violence. I am very grateful for the incredible work that you and other inspiring women have done on this topic. It’s time for us men to step it up, become allies and embody our support.

I haven’t yet informed the IPC about it but I will tomorrow when they arrive on site. I will keep you posted with dates as soon as I know more.

With respect, love and gratitude,


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