Open Letter To Recruiters In The Software Engineering Field
Adrian Kosmaczewski

Being a dev myself and while I agree with your sentiment (especially about phone calls and the way they craft their messages) I feel like you are missing two important things here:

  1. How lucky we are to be in a position where people are contacting us for work opportunities.
  2. Like somebody else said, we’re not the recruiter’s client, we’re their product. From our side it looks more like a scam. And it’s a game number from their side. Those guys send tens of emails a day and just expect that a few dev will actually answer, that’s phase 1, nobody cares about our LinkedIn resume yet.

I agree it would make their process less boring for us if they were reading our resumes first but let’s face it, it’s a lot of work and it’s more efficient for them to split the work of identifying who might be interested in the job and have us do it instead of them.

The first line in my LinkedIn resume states that invitation to connect without a proper introduction message will be ignored, that didn’t curb in anyway the frequency with which I receive invitations from recruiters with the default message.

But then, the day I need a job, may be I won’t care so much.

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