What’s this thing about money?

Money is a weird thing. We all use it. We all would like to have more of it.

At the same time, it is frowned upon. We don’t want to be perceived as greedy. We like to complain about the rich people “up there” who don’t know what the real life looks like, who are detached from normal people like uns. We dream of living in a big house, having financial security, yet at the same time we shy away from clearly stating that we would like to own a lot of money. 
Women are particularly afraid of this.

Why? What is it about money that makes us back off?

I believe it has to do with one important characteristic of money:

Money gives power!
Let’s be honest: Power sounds great, but it can also be scary. Having power means having responsibilities. Being in charge. Not being able to hide behind excuses. 
Besides, being too ambitious is not considered a female trait. Women are supposed to be soft, cute — even submissive! We are not supposed to be powerful and independent. (Such bullsh**!)
And the finance sector is strongly dominated be men. It is like a gas station — almost no women present, and as soon as we set a foot onto the premises our every step is being watched in the hopes of seeing us make an ever so small mistake. And if we do (even if only because everybody would get nervous with that kind of attention), we are being smiled at and belittled because we are such a “typical woman”. That’s why women are often afraid to ask questions out of fear of being seen as stupid.

Let me tell you this: Finance is easy!
Finance is actually a very straightforward industry. There are clear rules and settings, and like anything, these rules can be learned. Once you’ve understood the rules of the game, it is mainly about practice!

Why you should take care of your own Finance
As I mentioned previously, money gives power. If you don’t like the notion of power, let me put it this way: 
Being financially independent gives freedom to take your own personal decisions. Do you have a dream travel destination you’ve always wanted to go to? Are you unhappy in your job but you are afraid of the financial danger of a job change? Or maybe you have a certain dream which your partner/ husband does not share? 
Financial security gives you the freedom to really, fully pursue your dreams. It is time for us to step up and make the most of it!

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