Meet Our Member: Chris Vines

Claudia Luna-Morales
Mar 28 · 2 min read

Meet Chris, Chris Vines, that is! He’s one of the Co-founders of Wexus Technologies Inc., an IoT SAAS platform that was designed to identify solutions for agricultural business problems utilizing the Wexus App and related partner tech. Chris has had over 15 years of experience in the energy sector, he’s a veteran in the agriculture and tech industries, and he and his partner, Chris Terrell, co-founded a real-world solution for the combination of those industries.

Chris V. and Chris T. have a team of 7 working in Eco-Systm. Chris V. and the Wexus team have been members since Summer of 2017 and they are always consistent faces we see during Eco-Systm member events. He shares that “I always have a good time talking with other people from different companies during the happy hours on the roof, especially when the weather is nice and warm.” That’s our goal when it comes to community events, to get people from different companies and industries to find commonalities among one another. Chris V. also appreciates that Eco-Systm is always changing with different art on display from Mirus Art Gallery. Chris explains it “breaks up the monotony of the office and is always a conversation starter.”

A few things Chris V. loves to do outside of work: Play music in an all 90’s Grunge & Alternative cover band called Flannel (See photo below! Rock On!). He also enjoys riding motorcycles, doing volunteer work for his local community in Alameda County and spending time with his dogs & family.

Something he hopes to do in the future is to, “One day I hope to climb Mount Everest, just kidding! But, I would like to take a guided visit to Antarctica during the summer season one day to see the raw beauty of the terrain and wildlife.”

We love getting to know our members and appreciate how special they make our coworking office! Thanks, Chris, we hope your Eco-Systm experience keeps bringing you and the Wexus team great memories!

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