Meet Our New Partners: LUMAN

Claudia Luna-Morales
Mar 14 · 2 min read

Eco-Systm is thrilled to be working with the LUMAN team to provide professional development workshops to our members. We love that LUMAN tailors their programs to their customer’s needs and our community. We pride ourselves on having a community of hard-working, passionate and goal-driven people and we know that these sessions will be a helpful tool for them.

LUMAN develops purpose-driven leaders with the capacity to leverage the resources of the companies they work in toward solving our most pressing challenges. We bring personal transformation and innovation together. Why? Because we are now in a time of rapid change when solutions and human creativity is needed more than ever to innovate and stay relevant. People need better skills for managing themselves, adapting to change, and working effectively with uncertainty.

Our mission: LUMAN unleashes the human potential to create. We connect individuals and teams to purpose and ownership of outcomes. By entraining the capacities to accelerate and design thriving systems, we create people and businesses capable of continuous transformation.

Most recently LUMAN has built out new products and their team has grown! LUMAN had a goal to partner with coworking spaces to deliver workshops to add value to the community while enabling them to receive feedback on their offerings and making connections along the way! Sarah, the associate trainer at LUMAN says, “We are so grateful for Eco-Systms willingness and openness for collaboration. It is clear that they value the community they serve and strive to be as supportive as possible. I feel fortunate to be part of the community and am energized by working alongside everyone.”

Sarah has a passion for self-growth and is motivated by activating people towards their greatest potential. She has a background in solar sales and is excited about the new LUMAN product she created around addressing sales team transformation driven by customer centricity. She has many other interests including music, cycling, and skiing and welcomes anyone to connect with her on shared interests or anything in between!

We are excited for our first workshop next week which is currently scheduled on the 19th @12:30p*. In our efforts to ensure we are reaching as much of the community as possible and deliver content that is most relevant to the community we ask that you take a couple of minutes to complete the survey that has been emailed to you.

*subject to change depending on survey results.

Questions? Contact Sarah at and/or connect with her on LinkedIn!

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