12 Quick LinkedIn Tips For Marketers

Want to master LinkedIn? Start with these 12 quick tips to draw attention to your brand, and your message.

1. Make sure your profile image is professional. A front-facing headshot works the best for this platform

2. Join groups that are relevant in your industry, and stay active within them. Silent members do not get any attention, participate in conversations, and start them whenever possible.

3. Start your own group in your niche, and invite your connections to join you. This will set you apart as an expert influencer in your field.

4. Comment on the status of your connections to keep yourself on their mind. Don’t forget that this is a social media platform, so be social.

5. Always respond to comments and message in a quick and curtious manner. Be professional in your approach, no matter what the conversation is about.

6. Send holiday messages, and birthday greetings to your connections. Be friendly and personal, include their name, instead of a generic message.

7. Add your business network — suppliers, contractors, and clients to your network.

8. Upload your email contact lists, and add those contacts to your LinkedIn network.

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9. Make sure your resume and experience are updated and relevant to your brand niche.

10. Don’t send spammy messages to your connections. It is okay to promote your work, but no one wants to be spammed. Provide value first.

11. Don’t post political opinions or messages on your LinkedIn messages, unless that happens to be your niche.

12. Don’t critize or comment negatively on status messages or group message.

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