Your Weaknesses Don’t Bother Me
Gary Vaynerchuk

Betting On My Strengths

So, I suck at organizing. I hate cleaning. But what I am good at is telling you my opinion, sharing stories, writing.

I have a choice to make — focus on learning how to organize, or getting tools that do it for me — done.

Cleaning up after everyone — or hire someone else to clean up, while I hustle, put more words on paper, drive traffic, and grow our business. Easy choice.

I was taught, that ignoring, or dogging those aspects of one’s personality, that could use some serious improvements, was the coward’s way out. Even though, intuitively, I knew that was the wrong approach, I tried to follow that route for a little while. And it got me nowhere.

I did not need Gary’s permission to work on my strengths, but I do find it refreshing when a person whom I admire (I am not trying to kiss his rear end, it is a simple fact), speaks the same truth that I discovered to be my truth.

Thanks for that.

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