Why My Mother Stayed
Danielle Campoamor

Why Did My Mother Not Protect Me?

I read the stories of women abused by their husbands, and I try not to judge them for not leaving. I am not in the position to tell them where to go, or if it is even safe to do so. We all are aware of the horror stories of women getting killed, after they separate from their abuser.

What I do not understand is, a parent, a mother, very much aware of her daughter being abused, emotionally and sexually — not her, but her child — and she does not leave him. Where the securities of a financial well off lifestyle more important than the wellfare of her child?

I have two children of my own, kids I would protect with my life, even from my husband (who is a kind and gentle man, nothing like my father). The fierce love I feel for them overrides anything else, any care for another person, even the care for my own safety. Yes, they come first — not in the self-surrendering type of devotion — but when it comes to their safety, always.

Watching my daughter grow into a strong, independent woman, I was recently asked, if I could care for my now elderly mother, who allowed such an abuse when I was young — who lives in a different continent than I do. Looking at my children and my husband, I know that my choice is clear — I am with my own family, where I am needed and appreciated.

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