Writing Kindle eBooks — Finding A Topic

If you are interested in writing eBooks to increase your passive income opportunities, and affiliate marketing profits, your next question might be, what you should write about. There are a few ways to find valuable topics for your next (or first) Kindle book.

1. Write about a sub-niche of your blog

You can divide your blog into sub-niches, and dive deeper into that subject matter by writing a book about it.

2. Create a book out of your blog content.

If you have already written a lot about one subject you can use the blog posts you have as a base to create an eBook from.

3. Write about a bestselling topic.

You can use Amazon’s bestseller list to see which topics are the most popular

4. Write a book about “evergreen” subjects.

Diet and weight-loss, making money, and saving money are those topics that are always in demand.

5. Write about your hobby.

Do you have an interesting hobby, that you have not explored in your blog? You can write an entire eBook about that.

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These five tips on how to find a Kindle topic should give you some ideas to start with. There are thousands

of books purchased on Amazon, Kobo, and Smashwords every day. Take advantage of that opportunity to increase your passive income.

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