I will try to answer some of your questions about my experiences with the Baha’i community and the…
Vahid Houston Ranjbar

I am a Baha’i and would like to add to the conversation. The Baha’i Faith prohibits sex outside of marriage. Baha’is are also prohibited from drinking alcohol. There are many other Baha’i “laws” regarding the behavior of Baha’is. We do not impose these restrictions on other people. We don’t tell our non-Baha’i families and friends that they shouldn’t drink. We don’t tell them that they are wrong to live together before marriage. These are standards for Baha’is to follow, not to impose on others. Recent communication from the UHJ clarifies much confusion about Baha’is and homosexuality. It makes it clear that we must not chose to be either pro or anti homosexuality. And we are told “to regard a person who has a homosexual orientation with prejudice or disdain is entirely against the spirit of the Faith.” Furthermore, “it would be appropriate to speak out or act against unjust or oppressive measures directed towards homosexuals.”

It’s my understanding that some Baha’i communities have been rather extreme (negative) in their treatment of homosexuals. My own experience has been more positive. I know Baha’is with homosexual children who they love and support. Like many other Baha’is I have struggled with the teachings about homosexuality. We are learning and growing. This latest communication from the UHJ clarified much for me. I am certainly supportive of the plight of homosexuals throughout the world. Mistreatment of any group is abhorrent.