It’s worth challenging our paradigm’s as a daily routine…

striving to be impeccably perfect (in what ever definition we go by: generation’s culture, context) it’s so absolutely ridiculous, entertaining?…maybe, sometimes even inspiring, yes, and, beyond absurd; no wonder the chronic misunderstanding of not being enough and all the habits developed to hide it.

The more we accept our imperfections, the more we actually love them, the more we can do the same for others; Experience relief, and really asses, how are we doing, propel ourselves from acceptance, rather than judgement…Be a friend and not a bully to ourselves and all around us…and yes…we are meant to thrive!!!individually and collectively, question with wonder and curiosity, how can I best participate in my live?…It’s worth challenging our paradigm’s as a daily routine.

I like to experience perfect, as an inner state of permanent collaboration with what is…a path, rather than a destination…@mariotestino #santamonica #calilife