The Burgundy Retreat

It’s 2018 and the retreat industry is booming.

With the rise of sharing economy, the blurring of the lines between work and personal life, the stabilisation of remote work and digital nomading as a recognised lifestyle choice, and, last but not least, a renewed longing for community, this generation of digital professionals is approaching holiday and travel in a completely different way. Traveling, as with every experience, needs a purpose.

What better than a holiday where you can actually learn things, connect with like-minded people and live crazy adventures, for a purpose?

Surfing the internet (is anyone, actually still saying this?) you will find a plethora of choices, from the tech detox week on top of a faraway mountain to “workations”, where brainstorming sessions are followed by a water ski lesson.

Whilst discussing where on the scale Mi Podere fell, fellow founder, Vicky, and I came up with a simple colour system. “Green” encompasses yoga, meditation, health and wellbeing, aka your full on tech detox, zen style retreat. Blue is your sky, sea and ski activities for the ultra active entrepreneurs, jumping from a business plan workshop to mountain climbing or snowboard.

However, what if you’re not either?

Mi Podere doesn’t comfortably fall into either colour. Yes we offer activities but guests are unlikely to break a sweat, and whilst surrounded by rolling green hills and fruitful olive groves, we encourage them to lie in, eat pizza and get lost in the latest chic-lit, should they so desire.

Digital detoxes are an empowering tool, but what when you have to go back to your day-to-day life and get sucked back in the whirlpool of emails, skype calls and social media?

Bungee jumping and surfing are fun (if you’re into, that, of course) but how will you let off steam when you’re stuck in Central London and there are no beaches in sight?

Based on our own personal experience, we wanted to offer our guest a week to learn how to balance their online and offline life, their working and social time, without forgetting the ever essential self time.

We wanted to create the environment for people to find their own way to lead a productive work schedule alongside a fulfilling personal life.

We curated the surroundings, the activities and, most importantly, the community, to make this possible.

And so it was Mi Podere became know to us as a burgundy retreat. We take a step back from the frenetic digital lifestyle, but without forgetting about it; we value activities and work time, when it is balanced with downtime, inward reflection and outward connection.

We are the grapes and the wine, sunsets and bonfires, the bougainvillea lazily hanging on the red brick wall; the homemade tomato sauce, the comfy old velvet cinema seats, Moulin rouge lively lights, Bournville chocolate and a Gryffindor scarf.

If that sounds good, come and join us in Tuscany this April for a beautifully burgundy, Mi Podere experience.