GA UXDi — Project4

Language for Exchange is a language-exchange community created to facilitate people’s language learning abroad and online. In their responsive website, the user can find people to improving language skills online with native speakers and also practice a second language abroad with native speakers.

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Learning new languages — affinity map.

In partnership with Language for Exchange, our objective was to create a mobile native app to expand and engage their existing user base of language learners, which is currently underserved when it comes to conversational practice. Language For Exchange has an impressive daily usership, with a total usership of 100K and 115 languages spoken.

Most communities for conversation exchange are entirely web-based, with bulletin boards, and limited options for instant connections — like Conversation Exchange and My Language Exchange — but people learn additional languages for many different reasons and by many different methods. The factor that all of these language learners have in common is the desire and need to practice the language in conversation. So our main goal was to provide a language community for mobile devices, building upon an existing usership, using subject matter parameters to produce higher quality matches from users, with the same goal of learning languages. Our main purpose was to involve users to spend more time within the Language For Exchange platform, earning revenue for Language For Exchange from ad views, premium subscriptions, and from the eventual funnel into the travel and tutoring experiences already offered in your business model. …

UXDI P3 | Foster connections between users and brands

Problem and Opportunity

Gilt* has asked us to explore the options of adding a social feature to the Gilt mobile app to foster connections between users and brands to increase engagement and drive sales.

Project Approach

Our approach to the project started by outlining four main objectives:

  • Examine the drives and motivation that underlie people’s usage of the Gilt app
  • Extract and apply the best practices of successful e-commerce apps
  • Create a social feature in line with the goals of the Gilt app users
  • Develop a style guide in order to inspire people to view, create and share clothing/shopping collections from various sources (friends, bloggers, etc.)

Optimizing Fishes Eddy Ecommerce Microsite Design — Information Architecture and Content Strategy

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Fishs Eddy store, New York.

Fishes Eddy is a 30 year old brand and they definitely are one of the best places to go for everyday disses, flatware and glasses. Their items vary from whites to whimsical patterns, nostalgic to contemporary everyday objects artfully stacked.

It’s this just-right blend of folksy general store and urban edginess (hand-drawn checkerboard plates sit near a table featuring “Brooklynese” mugs emblazoned with cawffee) that enabled Fishes Eddy to reach $9 million in sales in 2014. …

The design of everyday things is in great danger of becoming the design of superfluous, overloaded, unnecessary things. Don Norman, The Design of Everyday Things

In the early 1990s, human-centered design has become a standard. In the early 2000s, the design thinking movement launched, linking design more closely to business innovation. It’s the spirit of the “New Bauhaus”, as we continue to define what it means to design today.

We’re surrounded by objects, magnificent tools as extensions of ourselves, our thoughts and actions. …


Claudia Hora

UX Designer — from research and ideation to prototyping and testing, as well as pixel perfect visual design.

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