Princess Diana: a story to learn

Sometimes Diana didn´t hide her sad

The book “Princess Diana” is very interested because it tells in summary the important aspects about Diana´s life since childhood until her dead. I didn´t know her story completely, but now I understand why the world love her too and the emptiness that she left in many hearts.

The part most important in the storyline of book “Princess Diana” begins in the chapter 5 (titled: The New Diana), while tells how she took important decisions thinking in her children and herself. For example, she decided to finish with the “fairy tale” and told the world the truth about her marriage with the Princes Charles, where there three persons. During this historic interviewing, she didn´t show herself like the poor victim but instead as a person who knew what she wanted and was determined to fight for it. About her children, she involved them in her charity work to know the other side of the life.

That is the part most important in the storyline because from this moment she began to be happy and didn´t live a lie. This decision gave her the freedom that she needed to continue with her charity work around the world and became in “Queen of people´s heart´s”.

I think that fourteen years of silent is many time to stand the mental abuse, the unfaithfulness and an unhappy life like did the Princess Diana.

Sadly, after of this decision she had little time to be really happy because her life ended tragically. Sometime we think the life is longer and wait the correct moment to take important decisions, but is impossible for us to know if we will have enough time to make changes and enjoy the results.

A bad decision brings more wrong choices and troubles. For instance, when Diana doubted about her future marriage and through don´t marry. In spite of, she chose to marry with Prince Charles and then began her problems. After that, she was always alone without the support of family, friend o someone really interested about her.

Diana had a good heart but allowed the other persons hurt her, and she chose to keep silence. Though she devoted a lot of time to the charity, she never thought to find help for her. If she would have done it, maybe the end of her story would have been different.