You Are Not Equal. I’m Sorry.
Dina Leygerman

Will you not allow the freedom of individualism for others and other women since you assume a grandeur faux dose of accreditation to your pompous self? Can we say ‘Thank You’ to people who respect individuality for women and for those who do not ‘think’ they know what is ‘best’ for all women everywhere because variety is the spice of life, no? Certain women are confident in themselves already and emotionally stable with themselves and where they are in life already — good for those women. This article is written by a pissed off disposition because they are not pissed off with her? I do not condone people who try to drag everyone else down into the hole with them, and I do feel bad that they’re emotions are getting the better of them, but after so many times of repeated emotional abuse that they are projecting onto others…. one has to wonder if this stressed out/pissed off woman is doing this on purpose because she enjoys belittling women who differ from herself?

Why is this writer ranting and ranting and generalizing things like ‘Your daughters are told they are beautiful before they are smart.’ and ‘You are not equal.’ and ‘You are still harassed, belittled and dehumanized.’ and ‘You don’t want to be a victim.’ Wow, and this writer is not humanizing and belittling women who think differently than herself? Of course, nobody wants to be a victim out there. What ever happened to REAL freedom of speech in regards to these discussions? Did people become too privileged or did self-serving bias mutate when nobody was looking or get the stamp of ‘sanity’ when people weren’t looking?

Who died and made this writer a face for ‘All Women’? All too often people accredit themselves with way too much these days, and it infects the crowd like a zombie trying to bite limbs of passersby. I do not know if she is accrediting herself with this made up crowing that happened in imaginary land for the core motive of trying to get the rest of her articles seen or what, one cannot help but wonder what her real core motive is in all of this verbal diarrhea that is being spread across the internet like one big stinky skidmark.

So, please, enlighten me as to where she is not turning her ear to the views of others but expects people to listen and convert to her blanketed and grossly generalized accusations?

People want mental health tests and screenings before being issued guns, right (even some NRA members out there want them). Do we need to start having mental health tests and screenings before mass events now because some of these people are seriously dangerous, dangerous to other people and themselves. They are dangerous because they lie, lie to other people and themselves. She claims that equality is an illusion, sure, it is for some, not all. Sanity and infringement on natural rights as well as freedom of speech may be an illusion as well in this case. If you are for true diversity, then be about true diversity. Just because someone thinks differently, does not make generalizations or may have a different life does not mean they are shoving people to the ground who are not like them. The people that do shove people to the ground are mean people absorbed and mutated by hate. Please stop encouraging people to shove others to the ground when there are differences, especially passive differences.

“If you judge people, you have no time to love them.” — Mother Teresa

#WarOnIndividualsm #StopTheCloneWars #StopModernDaySlavery #StopModernDayExtremism