Tech Sector Growth in Edmonton

Edmonton, AB, Canada

I have lived in three different mega cities in my life so far: NYC, Seoul, and Toronto. Right before looking for my very first tech job as a web developer, I made a big decision to relocate to Edmonton, Alberta. Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta, Canada, but compared to the three cities I’ve mentioned above, it is definitely a smaller city.

There are other circumstances that have affected my decision, but one of the main reasons was I am now kind of tired of my mega city life and want to start a new life in a relatively smaller city. I’m excited about it as it will be my first time going to the west side of North America! But on the other hand I’m worried about its tech market conditions, as I may have less options as a job seeker when I move there from Toronto — which has a way bigger tech sector.

So, I did some research to have a peek before I actually move.

1. On, currently there are

  • 828 web developer job openings in Toronto, ON and
  • 44 web developer job openings in Edmonton, AB.

Okay, to be honest these results scared me a little. The difference is … 19 times? Alright, many might think it’s not a very smart decision to relocate as I’m about to enter the tech market. But, I thought to myself, “At least, the competition I’ll need to deal with would be less than what I would encounter if I were to stay here in Toronto.” If you think about it, the applicant-to-hire ratio is a very important part of the process.

2. According to Edmonton Journal,

“Edmonton’s burgeoning tech industry has seen a 26 per cent increase in jobs since 2014, shows a new report ranking Canadian cities based on tech talent.”

This seemed promising. If it increased by this much, I’m pretty sure it would continue to go up. Excited to see the increase!

3. According to Betakit (Canadian Startup News & Tech Innovation),

“ Noteworthy in this year’s CBRE report was Edmonton’s overall score, which improved by over 10 points, making it the leading score increase of any market. The Alberta capital snagged the 10th spot overall. Top performing drivers for Edmonton included tech quality to cost, tech pool labour size, and quality of labour, which received an A.”

After Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Waterloo Region, and Montréal that are Canada’s current top tech markets, Edmonton got the 10th place! This means something to me.

After my research, I feel relieved and excited about moving! To EDMONTON, ALBERTA!! My feelings and plans will definitely change once I land and actually start living there, so this story is to be continued…




Web Developer. Master of Business, Entrepreneurship & Tech-UWaterloo. ︎TOR•NYC•Seoul.

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Claudia MH Ahn

Claudia MH Ahn

Web Developer. Master of Business, Entrepreneurship & Tech-UWaterloo. ︎TOR•NYC•Seoul.

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