Week 14-May 1–5

What’s Next After the Peoples Climate March? Riding the Momentum and Bringing It Home

The march was a success, but it must continue. By all means, we still see the power of uniting and defending a right. Not only to stop in the march, but we need to let the world know even more. In every opportunity or newspaper, with every person so they can understand its importance. This also stands up for science. Facts are facts and we have to know that. It is true because it is, you cannot change the truth. Current polices must understand science. We must act together and make it respected. Contact you legislatures and let them know. Respond quickly to false accusations of climate change. Show to town halls to make it noted. There are many ways to get involved.

We need to stop attacks on science and this denial. We must fight silence and inform our country. We must stand with each other and make it happen.