A message to my doomed colleagues in the American media
Alexey Kovalev

Unlike the “bullshit” of which you speak, I find PE Trump to be forthright and transparent. Thus far, he has done things he said he would do, and he’s not even sworn in yet (bringing jobs back to the United States). Time will tell if this continues, but if he says he’s building a wall…by God, he WILL be building a wall! You can count on it. He has absolutely NO reason to be selfish — he has his own money; in fact, he’s going to put the profits of foreign stays in his hotels back into OUR pockets. While he doesn’t give the press every detail of something upon demand (and I wouldn’t either — I hate the press. They pick apart everything for their own leftist agenda), I trust the man to do what he says he will. The media built this ugly bed they’re laying in. A CNN reporter was OUT OF LINE butting in, and forgot who outranked him and who had the microphone and the ability to toss his ass out the door for disrupting and being out-of-turn. This is why the media in the U.S. is being vilified…they think they don’t have any boundaries.