Queen Elizabeth.

It was a pretty gnarly moment. I was sitting on top of a safari car early in the morning. This is something I couldn’t ever complain about. Climbing lions, Uganda kobs (antelopes), and buffalo were in ten feet radius of me. There were no fences or gates trapping the animals. We were literally in the wild. Well, we were in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

This national park is the second most visited park in Uganda after Murchison Falls. It was previously called Kazinga National Park before Queen Elizabeth visited the park in 1954. It became a game reservoir after illegal hunting was founded.

The day prior to arriving to the park it had taken us eleven hours to travel to southwest Uganda. We were a little tired, but the ride around the park kept us awake. We were holding on for dear life as we drove on dirt roads.

I couldn’t believe how cool this all was. I felt as if I was on my way to a dream job where you were surrounded by miles of endless, natural scenery.

As we drove on a road between Lake Edward and the Kazinga Channel, we had hundreds of butterflies flying around us. We were headed to a local cafe for lunch, but we were also on the lookout for elephants. Our tour guide, Innocence, had advised us that this particular part of the park was where the elephants resided.

Of course it did not take long to find a family of these particularly large mammals.

We were so close. Maybe even a little too close… One of the elephants started to walk, I would even describe it as slightly charge, at our safari car. Innocence quickly banged the side of this car door to spook the animal. The elephant abruptly turn around and walked away.

I could feel my heart pounding seconds after our close encounter with this 7 ton animal. I felt as if we were in a movie, but nope we were Uganda. This country is great!