Ten Reasons Why I Became a Personal Trainer

There is no way I would have thought 5 years ago when I started university that in 2018 I would be a qualified personal trainer with my own fitness studio.

I’ll take you back 5 years… It was my first year at university and I absolutely hated the gym. I ate pretty much what I wanted, every day was cheat day and I vary rarely exercised (despite having a free membership included in my accommodation fee). Sometimes I am still in disbelief at the complete turn around that has occured — but then again five years is a long time.

After starting my own fitness journey over the summer of 2014 (between first and second year), my love for fitness, health and general wellbeing grew. The incredible way in which looking after yourself can make you feel good on the inside and outside transformed my outlook and has helped me become who I am today (as cringe as that sounds). Even though fitness and living a healthy lifestyle can be a rollercoaster and some days you really fancy a big slab of chocolate cake, these are my ten reasons why I became a PT…

  1. After going on my own fitness journey and discovering a love for health and wellbeing that I didn’t know I had, I wanted to help and inspire others in the way that I was
  2. Gaining more in depth knowledge about a subject I am passionate about. Our bodies are amazing things and I wanted to know more
  3. Having the chance to make positive changes in people’s lives. My focus is not just changing appearances but outlooks on living a healthy lifestyle — working from the inside outwards
  4. Being my own boss — the sky is the limit in bringing out the entrepreneur within myself (something I never thought I’d be able to do)
  5. The personal training qualification brings endless possibilities and tonnes of roads to go down. From working in your own, in a gym environment, collaborations, being creative, specialising in certain areas of fitness — the world is your oyster
  6. As a PT, work and exercise are one and the same. There are ample opportunities to concentrate on my own wellbeing. This makes me a tiny part of the population that can balance work and exercise
  7. The opportunity to do something I love everyday — loving your job is very important
  8. Having the ultimate job satisfaction when clients are enjoying the process and are seeing results
  9. Everyday is different. Every client has different needs and goals making each individual session unique
  10. It’s fun! Comfortable workout clothes as ‘uniform’, the ability to work outdoors and moving around rather than being sat down all day

The one thing I can definitely say I learnt since becoming a personal trainer is that it’s made me realise the importance of being happy in a job. This is extremely important and it is so refreshing to look back over the last five years and see how much has changed — particularly when you are looking back on yourself and you see your own personal growth and happiness.