Being the F**k Accountable

What does accountable even mean?!

According to our reliable friend Google, the word accountable is an adjective that has two meanings

  1. required or expected to justify actions or decisions; responsible.
  2. able to be explained or understand

In this situation, the context is the world of work where usually you are accountable to your line manager, your team, your boss, or someone higher up than you are. But for me, as a self employed individual being accountable has been what I’ve found hardest so far in my entrepreneurial journey. I do not even know why or how, considering I am usually so ON IT with everything; my lists, my OCD organisation, how could I possibly let myself get to the point of unaccountability?

I’m still asking myself this question…

There comes a point with most things where you have reached the final few miles of the marathon lets say — whatever this marathon may be for each unique individual. Getting through those last few miles can feel the toughest, the most exhausting but where you really need that big push. That’s where I’ve been stuck, the brick wall, 4 miles out from the end of the marathon. Not being accountable for me has meant not being as productive as I could and should be. Being too work focused and not taking time out for myself and not ticking as much off my list as I know I could have. However, taking a step back after noticing and not kidding myself that I haven’t been as productive or as accountable as I should be has now enabled me to put new actions in place to get back on it. The lack of accountability and slight slowing down of progress has helped me realise my weaknesses and learn what to do to ensure it doesn’t happen again and I don’t fall off the wagon.

Although, it’s important to remember that we are all human and sometimes with everything we do fall off the band wagon — we just need a little booster in the form of a person, action, hobby, or realisation to help us get back on track. It is our own responsibility to hold ourselves accountable with of course a little help from one another. Once you take ownership of your own accountability, the results you reap will feel a whole lot more worthwhile.

From now onwards, and with the help of a little boost, my medium posts will entail the theme of ‘Ten Things’. My accountability was lost with my writing by kidding myself thinking I’d be writing long posts that would take me days or even weeks to do. ‘Ten Things’ is the opposite, short, sweet, fun, quick, digestible and easy reads comprising of advice and tips all in the form of my favourite strucutre… THE LIST!