Ten Bucket List Destinations For 2019

Where to next this year…

A bucket list – for those that don’t know is described by Google as:

‘a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime’.

For the context of this post, it’s a number of destinations that I hope to visit sometime in the near future.

The summer definitely feels like it’s approaching (especially after the hottest few days in February on record last week) and I’ve just spent the weekend exploring Amsterdam. I often find after going to new places I get the travel bug and have a tendency to book more trips. Not only this, but hearing about my brothers incredible experience travelling at the moment is really giving me itchy feet!

This gave me some inspiration for the next post to share with you some of my bucket list destinations which hopefully I’ll get to go and visit soon. A slightly different post to last week, and quite a bit shorter than normal. but ten things none the less. Perhaps it will motivate you to start thinking about your next destination.

I am sure it’s obvious that I am pretty obsessed with lists and I have a bucket list of travel destinations to hand that I find myself on quite regularly flicking through for inspiration for a potential trip.

Here are my top ten bucket list destinations to hopefully tick off soon:

  1. Copenhagen – exploring more of Europe and particularly the Scandinavian countries is extremely appealing. A completely different culture to explore
  2. Budapest – a food capital and one of the most historic cities on the planet
  3. Bali – a tropical paradise, never ending adventures and every type of natural beauty to see
  4. Tulum – an understated part of Mexico with eco friendly retreats
  5. Finland – a polar gem steeped with natural beauty with plenty of opportunities to watch the famous Northern Lights from incredible glass igloos
  6. Rio de Janeiro – a thrilling combination of dance, music, celebration and all round good vibes!
  7. The Maldives – a sought after tropical destination. A blissful paradise with an endless sea of blue
  8. Machu Picchu – a world famous natural, mysterious and cultural attraction. And of course… the alpacas!
  9. Mumbai – a bustling commercial capital full of incredible culture, food, history, architecture and colour
  10. Cuba – it’s meant to be as pretty and colourful as seen in pictures. A vibrant country with beautiful beaches and the ability to completely relax and get off the grid with no mobile phone, WiFi or social media

Where are your next bucket list destinations?