Ten Gym Bag Essentials

Here’s some Monday Motivation for you ladies…

2019 is well underway and those New Years Resolutions for getting back into the gym after Christmas are still on track. It’s starting to get a little lighter in the morning and the holiday companies have started their sales. This only means one thing…summer is approaching!

As a personal trainer, and someone who is pretty organised/ slightly OCD, I am always looking ahead at potential obstacles that may derail both mine and my clients from following through with a workout. One of these big obstacles has to be not packing the right things in your gym bag.

With the ten things below, sticking to your gym routine just got one hundred times easier and will save you the frustration of forgetting something. We’ve all been there — you get to the gym pumped and ready to sweat only to find out you’ve forgotten something essential to your workout. This means your motivation is gone and you tend to leave. Here are my top ten gym bag simple essentials you can’t afford to be without meaning you’ll never skip a workout AND your pre/during and post-gym experience is a better one.

  1. A Gym Bag — First and foremost, you can’t pack a gym bag or carry your essentials without having a decent one. Invest in a perfect gym bag that can do it all: carry your necessities, have different compartments for laptops, food, shoes and kit. Of course there are the classic Sweaty Betty Backpacks, but for something a little different, I love Fact and Fiction!
  2. Gym Attire and Trainers — It seems obvious, but I am sure there’s been a time where you’ve forgotten something. Remember the essential exercise clothing of a workout top, bottoms, a sports bra, swimsuit/goggles, and trainers. Vice versa, if you’ve gone to the gym on the way to work, don’t forget your work clothes! And don’t forget your extra undies and socks!
  3. Water Bottle Another obvious one but, it is important to stay hydrated during exercise. Having a water bottle (preferably not plastic) makes it easier to get a good amount of fluid intake whilst you are sweating it out.
  4. Headphones — Headphones for me are a definite priority when working out. The music motivates me and I am in my own world. If headphones are what drives you, make sure you remember them!
  5. Hand Sanitiser — If you’re worried about about those pesky germs from the gym equipment hand sanitiser is your saviour. Let’s face it, gyms aren’t the cleanest places and you can catch some seriously nasty things in there. It isn’t too practical, so just ensure you carry a small bottle for use before and after your workout.
  6. Hair Band /Hat— For the times when you have greasy hair and you just cant be bothered to wash it, a hat is a perfect solution. A hair band is also a critical accessory to keep your hair out of your face and off of your neck whilst you sweat.
  7. Snacks — I can’t be the only person that has to have snacks wherever I go. Fuelling before and after the gym is very important. And it’s great for avoiding getting hangry. Whether it be a protein shake, a bar, or homemade energy balls something that can be easily eaten on the go is perfect. For a post workout snack, I’d recommend getting some protein and carbs in.
  8. Toiletries — A toiletry bag full of minis is absolutely perfect. Think dry shampoo/ shampoo/conditioner/body wash/lip balm (if you use specifics), deodorant (obviously)and any of your regular face products. I must say that my go tos are my products from Pretty Athletic. Their Cool Down: Purifying Gel Cleanser is perfect for reducing that post workout redness and their Workout Glow: Hyaluronic Vitamin Tonic for use both before and after. This product made of rosewater tonic gently cleanses, nourishes and hydrates your skin. These are two of my favourite products for the gym and I use them every time I go.
  9. Gym Towel — Firstly, hygiene… avoiding others sweat rather than sliding off equipment means you can wipe down any apparatus before you use it. Secondly, a great cooling device. Make sure it’s small and lightweight so you aren’t carrying too much around the gym floor.
  10. Padlock — A lot of people are very over-trusting, specifically in gym changing rooms, although you do tend to hear the odd horror story. Unfortunately, gyms are hotspots for thieves. If you plan to keep your valuables invest in an inexpensive lock to keep your belongings safe.

What are your top ten gym bag essentials?