Ten Reasons To Travel

Going along the same vibe as my last post, another one of my goals for 2019 is to do more travelling. I was lucky enough to be abroad quite a lot of last year exploring the most incredible places. So this year, even if it is to smaller cities, for shorter periods of time I intend to visit just as many places.

Not only is it one of my goals this year, but travelling all over the world is loved by so many people whether it is for business or pleasure. There has never been a better time to travel with hundreds of flights available and incredible diversity at your fingertips, there is an adventure for everyone.

I thought because of the incredible access we have to travel, me starting to think about booking some trips for 2019, and my little brother going off on his own adventure, I would write a post detailing ten reasons to travel. Here they are:

  1. Travelling is easier than you think — whether it is for a few months or just a weekend away, the ease to get to new destinations and plan a trip of a lifetime is easier than ever before
  2. Travel gets you outside your comfort zone — by stepping outside your comfort zone, you not only expand your perspective of the world but also learn more about yourself
  3. Travel will increase your confidence — it does not matter whether you are shy or used to being centre of attention, travel will give you confidence. Meeting new people, being in situations you have not been in before will develop your self-esteem, your ability to problem solve and adapt to completely new environments
  4. Travel expands your knowledge — learning about new cultures, meeting new people, learning new languages, eating new foods will teach you about the world we live in, not just the microcosm of your local neighbourhood. You will also appreciate the little things, suddenly your first world problems are not a big deal anymore
  5. Travel lets you relax — we can all benefit from a break from the norm and a restful holiday is just what we need. Travel also relieves stress, improves mental health and promotes physical activity which will all combat burnout. Take a week off and take responsibility for your own health and wellbeing
  6. Travel means adventure — as humans we crave new experiences and opportunities to do exhilarating things we have never done before
  7. Travel creates meaningful relationships — people you meet along the way grow to become great friends and being connected to other cultures and people around the world is pretty cool too. You will also have places to stay when you are planning your next trip
  8. Travel means escape — whether it is a demanding job, a breakup, a bereavement or just the urge to break out of an all too familiar routine, travel gives you that opportunity
  9. Travel creates memories — the memories you make will last a lifetime and are worth more than 1000 pictures
  10. Life is too short not to! — a slightly sombre tone for number ten but it is true. What happens tomorrow is unknown, so make the most of today. You will never regret crossing destinations and experiences off of your bucket list
What are your reasons to travel and where are you going next?