Ten Things No One Tells You When You Quit The Corporate Life

If you know me, then you’ll know I’m pretty nostalgic. I’m good with dates, I love looking back, remembering momentous days all of which trigger memories — some good and some bad. It also makes me think how fast time is going which I hate to admit.

My last post gave the reasons why I left the corporate life and why I didn’t think it was for me, however within the last year, I am especially grateful for the opportunities that have come my way and the life I have been able to provide for myself because of the decision I made. The skills I’ve learnt, the people I have met, the jobs I have done, the places I have been. I would have never thought it considering how uncourageous I used to be. Of course with ups there is always downs. It has been hard, harder than anything I have ever done. Whilst it is no secret that I really didn’t enjoy my full time job, I have never worked harder or felt as much stress as I feel now doing what I do. But, I have never felt more myself, happy and motivated than I do now. I am so thrilled I took the leap to do things my own way and can now look back to see how far I have come.

I wanted to share ten things that I have noticed since quitting the corporate life; things I didn’t realise, things no one told me and things I wanted to share for anyone else looking to do the same.

  1. The 9–5 becomes 24/7 — there is no clock off time, you never switch off at 5.30pm as there are too many ideas and thoughts consuming your brain at any given time. But this does mean that you can plan your day exactly how you like
  2. The world is your oyster — being your own boss means that the world truly is your oyster. Do as you please. Go where you want to go. You do you!
  3. You will be your toughest critic — I have always been a perfectionist and my own worst critic. But this has taken a whole new meaning since being self-employed. I am harsher on myself then ever before and take things more to heart (which I didn’t think could be possible)
  4. Hustle, hustle, hustle — Everyday you’re hustlin’ … It’s all about the hustle. Work won’t come to you and this life isn’t exactly stable. You need to go out there and get it
  5. Say yes and say no — Try and say yes as much as you can. The power of yes is powerful and opportunities (no matter how scary they may be) come like buses. However, also be able to say no. It’s a tricky balance. At first everything is an opportunity, but don’t exhaust your biggest resource (YOURSELF!)
  6. An accountant is a must — Without an accountant, or someone who knows about this stuff doing all your finances yourself is pretty overwhelming and stressful. You’re used to having tax deducted automatically… not anymore!
  7. Everyday is your favourite day of the week — Mondays are no longer the worst day of the week, and you no longer get the Sunday dread. Take your pick of your favourite day, there are 7 to choose from. You may as well, you’re in control of your schedule
  8. You’ll grow as a person — If I hadn’t have chosen this path, there is no way I would be who I am today (as cringe as that sounds). I have grown personally and professionally and pushed myself beyond my comfort zone. Outside your comfort zone is where the magic happens
  9. Most people will think you’re crazy — Don’t worry about the number of people who will think you are crazy when you first start out. It’s not a ‘normal’ route to go down because of societal expectations. Ignore those that think that, there will be 10 more who you inspire
  10. It’s one big rollercoaster — I have never been on such an emtoioanlly rollercoaster in my life. One day could be the best day where I am feeling incredibly positive, motivated, productive and energised… the following day could be the complete opposite. Reminding myself that this is all part of the process is tough, and a reality check that this lifestyle isn’t all rainbows and unicorns