Ten Things That Are On My Desk

Being a tad OCD, particularly about organisation and structure… it is no surprise that when it comes to my work space environment there is no messing about. Being a self employed freelancer, I have the fortunate ability of being able to work from anywhere as long as I have my laptop/phone and Wifi. But wherever I go, if I’m in a desk environment, the ten things I have on my desk or in my work space always stay the same…

  1. A notepad: for all the last minute jotting downs, list writing and spectacular ideas
  2. Phone/Laptop Charger: for extra juice to last you the whole day
  3. Earphones: to block out any additional sound or to listen to your favourite work playlist for some inspiration
  4. Water: for hydration purposes which increase productivity levels
  5. A healthy snack: or an unhealthy snack… whatever floats your boat and keeps you going through the day
  6. A pen: a device to write down all those jotting downs, lists and spectacular ideas
  7. A jumper: working from different environments means it can be hard to find an office temperature that works for everyone. Sometimes it’s too hot, sometimes it’s too cold
  8. Lip Balm: perfect for adding some healthy colour before meetings, it smells nice, it can taste nice and it moisturises your lips when things get stressful
  9. A hair band: tie that hair up for when you mean business
  10. This one is a little tip — Give yourself an excuse to leave your desk periodically: it is important to give yourself a reason to get up and give your legs a stretch or grab some fresh air. We live in a world where we can work from anywhere with the technology we have… make the most of that!

You know what they say… a tidy desk = a tidy mind.

What are your desk essentials?