To move forward, you must look back

I initially anticipated my first medium to be written and published six months ago in January 2018. I had spent hours of planning throughout December thinking of potential blog names, ideas, titles and have been stuck at a brick wall for all this time and didn’t know why I couldn’t get started. So, why has it taken me six months to finally put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and press publish?

Why Now? And What Has This Got To Do With The Title Of This Post?

Today is 1st July. The 6 Month Mark. Halfway Through 2018 (how has that happened?!)

This is the day I’ve chosen to post my very first medium article. Over the last 6 months I’ve been ‘gogogo’ trying to set up businesses after choosing to go on my own after rejecting my 9–5 job I had in the West End. These 6 months have been extremely testing, but nonetheless rewarding. However, I have only just taken the time to sit down and break down this monumental journey into bite sized chunks. It is now, that I realise how far I’ve come on this journey.

Sitting back and reflecting has given me the chance to really take time to notice and appreciate the journey so far, to see what I have achieved, the changes I have made as a person, as a professional, to see the things that have worked, the things that haven’t worked and the things I can most definitely improve on.

I think we are all guilty of sometimes going 100 miles an hour and sometimes we neglect ourselves the credit of how much hard work it’s taken to get there.

It is for that reason that July 1st — halfway through 2018 that I’ve taken this moment to reflect on the happenings of the last 6 months and to see how far I’ve come. It is this period of reflection and looking back that will make the next 6 months, different, but better.

By looking back to see how far you’ve come is the only way you can move forward

Looking back is the way in which dots are connected in order for you to continue and move forward… looking back will give you answers, it will give you clues, insights, advice and knowledge that will help you in the next phase of the journey.