You’re excited.
This 10-Minute Night Routine Guarantees Success Your Next Morning
Benjamin Hardy

When I was young, I was excited literally all the time. Riding on a wave of hyper energy, I thought I could do anything. I could do anything because I had infinite energy. Even going into high school, I had what one of my friends called “baby sun energy”. I had so much potential and if I had focused it right, maybe I would still be able to do anything. But recently, I’ve lost it. It’s been so hard to get out of bed in the morning and so hard to click the emerald “publish” button (out of fear of being judged??). And honestly, looking back, if I could get that excitement back, that young nervous energy, maybe I could still believe that I could do anything and maybe I would be excited about everything again — I just wanted to say this because never underestimate the power of excitement. Even a little bit about the most arbitrary of things can go a long way.