How A Middle Age Woman Finds A Hobby

The day I came home from my first horse riding lesson at 47 years old, 6 years ago. I could barely think of anything else. I told my husband, “I found my passion!!!” He said, “well that’s nice honey, but it’s only your 1st lesson”. I said “i know! But I just love the smell of the barn! When I drove up and saw the horses trotting around the arena, I loved it! And then when I walked through the barn and said hello to the horses, ones who had their heads sticking out from their stalls, I felt SO HAPPY!!”.

My husband smiled at me again and gave me a hug for my happiness. He asked about the horse and how I felt riding her and if I wanted to take some more lessons. I squealed and said “YES!” I felt like a kid being so exuberant! And then he said, “Im so glad my honey, what should we have for dinner?”.

He was thinking about food? I couldn’t even think about eating! I had a list of things that my new riding instructor gave me to get so that I would be more comfortable in the saddle.

I told my husband to just pick up something and I would be home in a short while, I was going to the “tack store” to look at some things, price some boots, half riding chaps, riding pants and a safety helmet (I had used a loaner, but now since I knew that I loved this hobby, I needed my own!!”.

I pulled up to the tack store. I thought to myself, “My 1st time in a tack store!” I got out of my car and walked toward the door, all of a sudden I felt panic. I thought to myself, “UH oh, I have no idea what Im really looking for, and what if I call things the wrong name? And I bet those people in the store are super experienced, and of a sudden I felt shy, and apprehensive. I went inside anyways and I was just there to look at things and price them.

I will never forget the smell of the new leather horse items, the feel of new bridles in my hand (although I was not there to buy one). I walked around and just looked in awe, like a 6 year old in a fantastic toy store.

(To be continued….)