Why I studied Physics & Entrepreneurship

Physical phenomenas

Physics describes everything we can understand in a quantifiable way

If you don’t know it, nearly everything in this universe is quantifiable. I wasn’t studying Physics initially, I studied Biology and Chemistry first. I realized most of my classmates weren’t as smart as I was and that’s why I made the switch. Plus, I really wanted to learn quantum mechanics and what it’s all about (It’s bullshit).

Well my first serious physics class, Modern Physics, had four students including myself. Apparently, it was supposed to be a filter to see if you have what it takes to be a physicist and it was fairly easy. Then I really loved physics when we got to topics like relativity, introductory quantum mechanics, and particle-wave duality. I kept going with Physics with a pre-med path, because I thought my application will look more appealing than the memory monkeys in Biology.

I wanted to learn it all, quantum mechanics, thermodynamics, neurobiology, biochemistry, astronomy and truly understand science. I found the topics to be beautiful and insightful. However, the way education is currently set up it really turned me off. How student’s aren’t allowed to truly fail because of school passing percentage rates. I believe if you fuck up, you fuck up. The grading curves really unmotivated me to try 100% because I thought:

“If I know I can half ass this and it be better than other people, why even try?”

The only thing that made me want to study is the competition amongst my physics peers. In reality, school is system in which one can game. I have gamed most of my classes by breaking down a professor’s system. There is no truly random exam style, most seem to do the same thing over and over again. I get it, the professors have research that they would much rather be doing than grading papers.

I believe the current education system is flawed and should change. Education shouldn’t be tested upon questions of theory but it’s application. I realized this about higher education research and decided I will never want to become a professor. Then I thought how medical doctors are really memory monkeys than give you a drug based on certain symptoms and then fuck you over with a hectic bill. Except surgeons, all respect to them, they have a seriously difficult job in dealing with people’s lives. So these thoughts made me want to find an alternative path. I started reading books on business. My first business book read was, Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, and it opened up thoughts I never would have imagined.


It is a required poison. One of my best friends, named Justin, came to me one day and told me:

“I want to be a millionaire. If these guys could do it, why can’t I?”

I realized how right he was. He was referring to millionaires no smarter than you. That day changed me. I want money also but not to buy a yacht or a bunch of fancy cars. I want it to give it to researchers, engineers, and visionaries. Innovation is super important for humanity to move as a society. I heard Justin out for his plan to be a millionaire and he mentioned working as an investment banker. I always wanted to get into investing in the stock market.

So in February 2016 I began investing. I lost money, I learned how the stock market works. Then I earned money. I was considering working for an investment firm at this point, earn some cash and invest it wisely. I learned a lot about the people that started these companies and was drawn to entrepreneurship. Learned about people like: Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Andrew Carnegie, Henry Flagler, John Rockefeller, Elon Musk and several others. Then I noticed how my university had this physics track called Physics with a concentration on Entrepreneurship. I saw the curriculum and it had almost all the classes I wanted to take. Not many physics students choose this, I believe I was the second student to take that route. Took an entrepreneurship course and I learned several things about what is required to start a successful business.

The Model 3 release is as innovative as the iPhone release.

I thought how visionary these people were and how they can see the bigger picture. Henry Ford knew the Model T would change the world, that’s why he fought government institutions so hard for it. Steve Jobs knew that we would use computers in our daily lives. Jeff Bezos knew commerce would shift to the internet. Mark Zuckerberg knew we needed a digital identity. Elon Musk knew that the world needs to be shaken up to get innovation truly accomplished. So many others have made a great impact but I’m not going to mention how every company has changed the world. These products have changed the way we live and have made our lives easier. To create great products a great vision is required.

In summer 2016, I wanted to get some experience with business so I joined a MLM company called Worldventures. I lost a lot through Worldventures, the biggest thing I lost was myself. I was too money driven and was becoming too materialistic. I even lost someone I love due to money poisoning my mind. However, I see it as a learning experience and without it I couldn’t have came up with my current project that I have been working on for months now.


At this point during my junior year I knew I wanted to start a business. I did not know what business to make because I didn’t find a problem I wanted to solve. Being an autodidact helped me tremendously because physics has taught me how to teach myself in a critical and analytical manner. I believe physics and entrepreneurship intertwine with the use of thought experiments. In physics we are taught to imagine that we are in force fields or approaching a black hole or being a particle stuck in an infinite well. Using this creative aspect in thinking is key for entrepreneurship. Can you imagine how your solution solves a problem the market has? How much better is your solution relative to current market solutions? The ability to conduct thought experiments definitely can help to view market solutions and I am glad I studied physics to learn this skill.

I found my favorite book, called Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future by Peter Thiel, and noted how this book really has most of it figured out for you. I learned software is such a great industry to get in because you don’t need much of an initial investment compared to physical prototypes. Then I looked towards the current goliaths of business and how they make the most money. Facebook & Google are the data kings and they know you so well it is crazy how good they know you. So to create a successful software business you need to connect various amounts of people, offer them value to solve a problem, and collect information about your users to benefit you in the future.

Due to the desire to create a software business I have taught myself programming fueled by passion. The funny thing about physics is that it teaches you the introductory parts to all types of engineering, except software engineering. If you want to do something educate yourself in that topic or area as strong as you can with free resources. Eventually, you’ll need a mentor to help you understand to a deeper level. Self-education will put you ahead of others that were doing something else with their time.

iMarkett: The internet’s social e-commerce platform

The iMarkett white paper is coming soon describing it all and how it connects several users to sell things to such a fast rate. This platform is a combination of my network marketing experience, my eBay seller experience, my data science approach and from several though experiments. Just know this is going to be made and I will do anything to make it a huge success.

Thank you for reading and follow for future updates.