It’s public domain that in life you get what you wish for and work for.

However, being what is commonly called an hustler, a relentless person who never set back will not guarantee you to reach your goal and become the person you want to be.

The same is true in business: you do not achieve a specific level of revenue by working hard but by working hard and strategically.

The most important part of a goal is the strategy that defines the specific steps you need to make in order to become credible to your eyes first and make your plan a concrete reality that once was just in your mind.

The first step in becoming an undisputed authority in your industry is deciding to get out of obscurity. We live in a culture of visibility and only what you can see first and experiment later has the right to be considered something real. As Al Ries says: Reality is Perception. People can’t not perceive what they do not know it exist.

The second step in becoming an undisputed authority in your industry is deciding to make it personal. If you own a small business and either you do not have the ambition to scale it or you are moving your first step in the world of entrepreneurship people will be more interested in you than in your product. People buy people when they can’t buy brands. Making it personal means that you must be an absolute salesman in selling yourself, your story and your expertise.

The third step in becoming an undisputed authority in your industry is doing whatever it is necessary to get third-party endorsements (generally called PR). Third party endorsements are those who build your credibility. People will tend to believe more in what other people say about you than what you claim to be good at. When you think about third-party endorsement you do not necessarily need to think about the press. Your clients’ testimonials and word of mouth will be your best free investment when it comes to build your credibility.

The fourth step in becoming an undisputed authority in your industry is maximising the potential of your customer service. It is your customer service that will get the positive attention of your first time customers and will make them your best advertising campaign a part from becoming your most affectionate retention. Customer service is not just about a face to face flattering sales approach. It also means answering immediately their calls, their emails, their texts on social media (without denying them your availability even during the night or during the weekend). Customer experience starts with customer service.

The fifth step in becoming an undisputed authority in your industry is writing a book. Author and authority comes from the same root. The book is your chance to move from being perceived as an expert to being perceived as an authority. Becoming an authority is the last stage before becoming a celebrity which is someone that you might not need to become on a national or global scale but that will help you monopolise your customer reach in your neighbourhood or town. The main function of a book is to create the positive associations of someone who has an academic and detailed knowledge that support his/her expertise.

The sixth step in becoming an in disputed authority in your industry is:

· increasing your visibility on a daily basis,

· making it always more personal until your personal brand becomes a single reality if your business,

· amplifying the world of mouth and media (even local) coverage,

· improving your customer service until it becomes closer and closer to perfection,

· keeping to write relevant content that support your expertise and your authoritative perception to the eyes of your prospect and your current customers.

Claudio Calzoni

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