A few Mr. Obvious facts about titling and how they affect people.

Are the tools you use limiting your creativity or empowering you to develop new ideas?

How Mixed Reality will change your perception of public and private spaces

Three failed interviews and one cheat sheet.

Published first at Guglieri.com/dontfreezeup

Most of the best designers I know tend to hate what they do. Believing you are not producing your best work is a common sentiment across creative folks. Each person deals with it in a different way and eventually that is what pushes every one of us to create better work.

Having gone through this experience many times as a designer I have developed my own strategy to overcome it and move on.

Thoughts on Inspiration

Published first at Guglieri.com/whatmakesyouspecial

Pros and cons of going solo

Lessons from the Movie Theatre — Part 1.

This is the first of a three post series which explores the connection between the cinematic language used by filmmakers and the interactive language used by web creators in UI design and development.

Dealing with New on Ui Design

NEW can be hard to explain,
NEW can be messy,
NEW makes people uneasy,
NEW doesn’t mean better, but it surely should be trying.

New UI ideas are hard to grasp. If I were to explain how beautiful a long scroll site with a bunch of shoes floating around and moving as we scroll down at different speeds you probably would not be excited about it.

We know OLD,
OLD works and feels right.
OLD is what you expect.
There is nothing wrong about OLD,
There is nothing great about OLD.

Old UI ideas are safe and comfortable. Old…

Thoughts on HER by Spike Jonze

Claudio Guglieri

Creative Director - Designer. Formerly Creative Director at Microsoft, Elephant, Fi.

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