Black Thursday?

It seemed as though the usual “Black Friday” started on Thursday this year. As I was looking through flyers to see if anything I wanted was on sale, I began to see that the deals were starting on Thursday for many stores. So right after I finished eating my Thanksgiving meal, I went to Target to buy an Xbox One. I arrived at Target 15 minutes before it opened. When I got there, the line to get in was enormous. The line stretched from the front of the store to the very back. There must have been at least 200 people waiting in line. However, I saw one of my friends, Anthony Giuliani, in line. He let me stand in line with him, which was approximately 100 people closer than I would have been. At 6pm, the employees let 20 people in every minute to avoid injuries, so I had to stand outside for about another 5 minutes. When I got inside, Anthony and I took a short cut through the clothing department and each of us grabbed an Xbox One.

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