A sprinkling of 2016 tech predictions
Joe Walnes

Thanks for this. I didn’t know about the GIMP and Sourceforge fiasco, I left Sourceforge because of the ads and because Github gave me metrics, but still, that is a shitty move.

The OpenJDK of Android movement has been in the rumor mill, hopefully this is the year of the shift.

I love Github Pages, I’ve been creating an entire system to compile from LaTeX/Mardown to gh-pages for a while now. I want it to work like a CI server in which you push your text and it updates your gh-pages branch. HTTPS in it would be great for everyone.

I’m very excited about the first point of Microsoft releasing the core Windows. Ever since I saw a match between Docker and Windows this started to look like a real possibility. And it would also be amazing for running tests without actually having a Windows Machine.

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