NKN Involved in Illegal Voting for Binance Community Coin Vote!!!

NKN has been involved in Binance vote manipulation from day 1 through Airdrop. Over the past few days NKN is blaming MITH and LBA for vote manipulation, by doing this NKN can take the spotlight away from them and they can do all sort of illegal activity to win Binance vote. NKN put MITH and LBA on the spotlight, so they think doing this will disqualify their opponent and they can win the Binance vote without any competition. When NKN realise this strategy is not working, they came up with new strategy called ‘WINNING SYMPATHY’ by BINANCE team. Then NKN started writing all sort of stupid and nonsense open later to win sympathy as in last strategy. NKN don’t stop there, they started going to opponent telegram, twitter, facebook channel to talk shit, harass opponent community members etc.

NKN have been engaging in organized cheating and I am about to show you how they are doing it.

This address is been transferring 500 bnb to different Binance wallet





Let’s visit this wallet [0xB8c77482e45F1F44dE1745F52C74426C631bDD52?a=0x0e16111cd425f38a6be0ffaee2a6aff4c7d610a4]

We can see that this wallet was used for Binance voting. Different TX are going here. Let’s find some that went through:

30,000 BNB IN
27,495.73 BNB IN
Two big TRX One — 59,000BNB Other — 20,040 BNB

Then I looked at other account, Now let’s open 2 address where trx is going, . I took this two:



It looks like this trx coming out of Binance wallet and distributing to different wallet, then going back to banance wallet.

Then we open another address, which has 41,358 TRX. Wallet value around $300 million [0xB8c77482e45F1F44dE1745F52C74426C631bDD52?a=0x3f5ce5fbfe3e9af3971dd833d26ba9b5c936f0be] Let see what I found.

Then we went over to Gate. io wallet to see if we can find something. We found one address: [AVZNcHPDYuDj9rJCUZuN3A8DirNk8QPBEr] NKN main trading platform is Gate.io.

This address hold — 68,139,915.61687596 NKN

We see this account hold $13.5 million worth of NEO blockchain token. More surprisingly 68 million NKN token.

Then we dig down dip into this account we see massive raise in his NKN wallet just after Binance voting announcement.


So, we have tracked down the account that is distributing BNB its mostly new account and sending 500+ BNB to different wallet address then it all merging back into Binance wallet. This whole thing is a loop a deep one. But pretty obvious it’s NKN doing this. Only different is NKN/NEO are on NEO Chain. So can’t trace their first transaction to NKN source.

Neo Blockchain should use better scanner like ether scanner. So people will be scare to do this kind of activity.

In my research I found NKN is manipulating Binance vote from day 1 as NKN and BNB are on two different platform so its been hard catch them.