Safe Place

You know what it is,

We all have one.

We all have that place we go when things get hard,

(Or at least we all should have)

We also know that in most of time its not a physical place,

Thats my case.

The place i call mine is your hug.

The beat of your heart.

The noise of your breathe.


Thats the “where” i would like to be right now.

And Hurts.

Hurts a lot see you far.


But if you wanna know. No, i wont give up on you.

Even if our safe place turns into a toilette as the french says

Ill be there for you,

To give you peace.

To warm you.

To show you that nothing is lost.

To show you that you still have your safe place,

In my chest,

As you like to say.

Even if its just for two minutes,

Ill be there for you.

Doesnt matter what it costs to me,

Ill be yours again.

In fact, ill continue being yours,

Because doesnt matter what they say

Or what they do.

I’ve never stopped loving you.