Dhanbad matters to a Romanian. Does it matter to you?

India. I’ve never thought I would come here so early in my life. Besides this, who would have thought that I would come to the dirtiest city of it? Dhanbad is different than many european cities. In my part of the world you can see some recycling, cleanliness drives or better air quality, but I doubt it exists here.

This is why I came from Romania to this place. I want to see how the locals dare to improve their town. How they are fed up with all the litter on the streets and the poor air quality. I will leave soon, but the young generation of Dhanbad has to take action now. Why? Because it is the air that their children will also breathe. Because I love indian food, the people and the country’s huge culture and I want India to be remembered for this, not for the bad smells, deforestation or the smelly streets.

I know Dhanbad can do something memorable. Maybe I will come back one day and see how it was improved. It felt like this place dared me for doing something for it.