Hello world! New IT community in Cluj-Napoca #clujytech

Code the world!

There are many of us — IT students in Cluj-Napoca, in two of our most important Universities — UTCN and UBB. We’ve come to this city to study computer science not only to find a good job, but more than that: we’re here to do what we love.

And for that, we want to learn more. We’d truly benefit from the guidance of people with more experience, more than the technical tutorials we’ve already followed.

So together we’ve formed a community, for all the IT students in Cluj-Napoca. Cluj Y.Tech is dedicated to enthusiasts who, in addition to the knowledge gained in University, want to learn more, together.

The structure of our community is simple: we will have 1 or 2 meetups per month, where people with experience will join us and share the foundations and secrets of a technology, programming language, style of coding, startup wisdom etc.

If you live or study in the field of IT in Cluj-Napoca, if you are enthusiastic about what we can do with code, and how this world is developing through IT, then come and join our community. As a speaker or as a participant, we’re going to be glad to have you!

Find us on the new Facebook page, group and, of course, on Meetup. And don’t forget, we have a repo on GitHub.