There are a lot of these troll coding articles going around but this one is still not bad.
Gavin van Lelyveld

YES! It boggles my mind every time I see the appallingly bloated and just plain idiotic CSS that these sorts of frameworks or templating engines (like soy) shit into the DOM.

Two culprits, who should know better, that I’ve been battling lately are Material Design Lite (mdl-) and ‘webflow’ (wf-) which both create spectacularly craptastic code. MDL is so backward it’s like the 30 year old precursor to CSS before someone had a Eureka! moment and invented the Cascade.

As for webflow, well, too bad it can’t generate less than 20,000 lines of W3C invalid, browser incompatible code just to create an animated, responsive search field and button which only works in the nightly build of WebKit. I’m exaggerating — but only very slightly — I recently cut the CSS of a webflow infected site to below 10% of the original size (without linting or minifying) whilst maintaining the same functionality plus making it standards compliant.

I don’t understand why this stuff needs to be made so difficult?

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