Seek ye first…

Wow. A few minutes ago, I just read Scott Young’s article on how money really does not satisfy the longings of the human soul.

How true this simple statement is… it is one that the American materialistic society really does not understand.

I have to admit that I have been distracted from this truth many, many times; but I felt the need to reiterate this to anyone out there who is stressed out about money.

Money is merely a tool to be used for specific ends that a person has in mind. To make it the end in itself is a very serious mistake.

As greed is one of the seven Deadly Sins, it truly is a mistake that most of us make.

However, money is merely a byproduct — a side effect of serving others in an acceptable manner that is appreciated and rewarded with money.

Money is a very useful tool; it is important to pay our bills so that we are sheltered, clothed, and fed.

But it cannot become the source of our happiness, for it will only become the wellspring of our disappointment.

Instead, I propose an alternative view to the materialism of our day: pursue one’s passion to its end, despite the monetary reward for choosing it.

All the wealth in the world will not satisfy the unhappiness of the soul.

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