How To Write a JavaScript Tutorial

  1. Write an introduction paragraph
  2. Write at least five paragraphs that walk through setting up the environment, build tool(s), and transpiler(s). Spend an hour reading documentation for these things because the steps you’re familiar with no longer work when doing a fresh install of the latest version. Find relevant Github issues and add as footnotes/annotations in writing. Run through setup at least twice to make sure there are no implicit steps (a specific version of Node? custom .npmrc/npm config settings? discuss another .rc file?) Make sure to add appropriate context for each part of the tool chain — like, what is Webpack? How is it different than Browserify? Well wait, what is Browserify? What is Babel? etc. Gather tweets/Medium posts/etc as supporting links. Discover interesting recent discussion during research, and question choices in light of new information. Eventually change mind about at least one part of tooling and re-do that section
  3. Run out of time, save draft
  4. Revisit draft later, realize everything is now out of date



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