How the Internet, Dopamine and your Brain are Working Together to Screw Your Potential.
Anthony W. Richardson

Dog you really need to think about what you mean when you use these “RC” and “SC” definitions.

For example, in this following excerpt, you are bashing this “Replication Creator” synthesis for being unoriginal, just a regurgitation of old ideas.

‘you have fooled yourself into thinking that you have learned something when in reality you are simply replicating something that someone else has learned’

While in this following quoted passage you are agreeing that there is no such thing as truly ‘Skilled Creation’, that all “new ideas” are really a regurgitation of old ideas.

“(1) an idea is nothing more or less than a new combination of old elements and
(2) the capacity to bring old elements into new combinations depends largely on the ability to see relationships.”

This latter quoted philosophy is one that I too very much agree with, although basing a college essay off one you found on the internet is easier and much less impressive/original then writing an essay from scratch, I believe both copying and creating from scratch solely incorporate this “Replication Creator” synthesis, just in very different ways and to a much different degree of mental “relationship” combination.

This is because when creating from scratch you are still just drawing from a personal mental database of old regurgitated ideas. Even though the synthesis is much more unique and objectively “creative”, involving a more complex subconscious synthesis of ideas when compared to copying directly from others work, its still just a synthesis of “Old ideas.”

I also don’t agree with your theory of the short circuiting of dopamine with regards to “Replication Creator” art/ideas/synthesis. You infer that a person who has put in much less time and effort into an idea that has been heavily copied based on another persons work, as opposed to original work, would feel a more intense initial dopamine release as opposed to somebody who created something more “original” without intentionally plagiarizing ideas.

‘RCs get their fix and move on and it eventually wears off. SCs get a little bit less immediately but it lasts a lot longer and eventually it builds up into a massive wave.’

From personal experience I can say that this is not the case, as a high school senior I have turned in both heavily plagiarized and almost completely original work. The dopamine release from me working on and creating “original ideas” from mental synthesis has been substantially more intense and rewarding then when I plagiarize the work of other people. Not only is my feeling of accomplishment revoked when I complete plagiarized work but also the process of creation is much less intense and rewarding.

Just something to think about!

Im on lots of adderall

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