tl;dr I’m overwhelmed and out of time so I’m turning everything over to Dias Bruno as I step away from React Modal.

React Modal has been a major part of my life for the past little while. When I first started working at Instructure, one of my first tasks was to work on a new UI for the Files portion of the Canvas LMS. It was the first thing that Canvas had that was written in React. It was definitely an exciting time to be there and to work on things. We were early users of React Router, especially because Ryan Florence was working with us at the time. There came a point when we needed an accessible modal component for a file preview feature I was working on. Ryan hacked away and came up with the first iteration of React Modal. It fit our use case perfectly and worked out really well. We worked on it and made it great. Eventually, Ryan left Instructure to start his own company and he focused less of his time on React Modal. …


Clay Diffrient

Software Engineer @ Instructure, originally from Mississippi now in Utah, JavaScript Enthusiast, Father, and I’m a Mormon.

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