I’ve always been enamored on how our mind works, our perception of how things are related to the physical world. “Everything is relative” is my motto. What does this mean though? Is nothing in the physical world real? Is everything merely a perception, a reflection of how we interpret it in our mixed up tangle of synaptic connections that make up our consciousness? I want to believe it’s somwhere in between. I look at it as our own personal Rabbit Hole; a place where nothing is really how it seems.

This blog is my take on what’s real, at least to me. It’s what occupies space in my tangled mess: what I prioritize, obsess over and build synaptic pathways around. It's how I react to the external stimuli that I’m exposed to, either through my own doing or otherwise — in other words ... my experiences. I believe being able to adapt to these stimuli by embracing fluidity of thought and being is one of the greatest assets a human can possess.

A couple decades ago when I was headhunting I concepted a term, “Road to Your Perfect World”. “Perfect World…” is a bit misnomer though. On the surface it appears to represent a destination, a sort of Shangri La — a place where you can say you’ve arrived. That’s not it at all though. The “Perfect World” is the journey. So in actuality, “Road to Your Perfect World” is redundant. I’m regressing. I believe our lives are a flow, a confluence of stimuli and cerebral processing. The more experiences we have, the more inputs we have to add to our flow; also makes it more chaotic — either in a good way or not. It all depends on who we are and how we’ve developed our tangled mess to deal with it.

A lot of what I write about is society and trying to make it better. Most of time it involves a major reconstruction of paradigms. Maybe the biggest paradigm we have to tackle is one that resides in many of us, our inability to embrace change and fluidity of viewpoints and being. We assume changing positions and attitudes is a weakness, a lack of resolve - when it's just the opposite. It shows our evolution and ability to navigate a changing world.

I've had a lot of experiences and I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about them. My menagerie spans everything from promoting concerts, to headhunting, to publishing, to living in the dirt in a tent for three years, to raising my daughter as a single father and now battling blood cancer (two types) while caring for my own 94 year old father. I like to think I have created some interesting pathways which have manefested in a certain worldview. My journey has been like a ‘box of chocolates', as my Australian friend, Annalie Killian says: “Sometimes it’s good and … well sometimes, it’s like those awful ones with the cherries in them”. Thank God for a waterproof tent and: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger".

Some of these past experiences (even the one with cherries) will make it into a life project I’m working on, Melvin’s Neighborhood. The Neighborhood is my idea of an alternative world that is focused on resdient well-being and a civic evolution from the streets up (based on rhizomes 🌱). This blog will give you an “out the window” view as I journey on creating it.

It's not that I want to burn everything down, but rather construct an alternative that we early adopters can inhabit. It's kind of like Nelson Mandela's "Society within a Society ". If it works then great, and maybe some of the laggards will jump on board once they see how much fun we're having. I feel my entire life leading up to the present is a sort of confluence, a meshing together of all my experiences to produce this new paradigm. This is Melvin's Neighborhood.

Grab yourself a cup of tea or coffee ... or even a glass of vodka if you prefer (there's sure been plenty of times I have - actually more so than I would like to admit). Regardless, the metaphorical door is always open, and I'm always cooking.

Clay Forsberg

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