Why Are Universities Failing Humanity?
Joe Brewer

First and foremost, universities and colleges are institutions. Institutions, no matter what type, primarily function in self-preservation. Change, evolution or whatever you call it runs contrary to this primary goal. And on top of it, they are institutions that function by tenure. Once you put in a certain amount of time in the saddle … you ain’t going anywhere. Change and uncertainity is difficult — let alone when it’s designed in the system. “Teach the same subjects, the same way and you have nothing to worry about.” I would actually be surprised if you found what you were looking for Joe. Aside from isolated cases of altruistic professors — I just don’t see academia out there trying to save the world. Maybe as a spillover benefit, but only it helped them first.

Personally, I’m a big fan of yours and don’t think you need any university acknowledgement to validate your work. That being said, I believe any university would be lucky to have you … doing the teaching.

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