Weinstein Isn’t The Only One: Screen Celebs Who Abuse Women or Children
Beth Winegarner

Why I agree that rape joke are uncouth. It not a crime, but if your going to post rape jokes you are going to have a long list of comedians both male and female. Hell, Sarah Silverman had terrible one about her sister getting raped in her last special on Netflix.

I notice you only posted males. Why this is systematic, sick and totally need to stop. Your only showing one side of the coin. Women can and have also “allegedly” been accused of sexual misconduct too, but I will admit it much rarer. With their wealth, power it’s just as easy for them to do as men with same amount of fame.

Brittany Spears in 2012 was accused of sexual misconduct to a former body guard which was settled out of court for undisclosed amount of money.

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