Are you just annoyed? Being a little child? Check yourself. Don’t let worthless emotions consume you.
Self-Reliance Is The Secret Sauce To Consistent Happiness
Darius Foroux

It’s amazing how much energy can get lost on these little reactions if you’re not paying attention.

They’re often so small — like getting mad at someone who won’t let you merge in traffic — that we barely think about it in the moment. We just react.

But over the course of a day, all those little moments add up. 1/2% of your energy here, 1% there.

Imagine if you could resist all of them. Imagine if you suddenly had 5–10% more mental energy to devote to positive, productive activities.

It’s like having an extra storage tank of energy that you can tap into. And all you have to do to access it is be mindful.

Totally simple…yet quite difficult.

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