the need for a person to literally be in the same room has practically disappeared.
Tech companies: these are the perks (and benefits) I want.
Tara Hackley

My co-founder and I have been tinkering with this model a lot more over the last year. We’ve currently settled into a 3-day in the office, 2-day remote balance, and it’s been working fairly well.

We have two other PT folks who are even more flexible in their in-office time.

We’ve definitely thought about what it would be like to go primarily remote, but we always come back to the value of those in-person discussions.

As awesome as all of our communication tools are, we still don’t feel like they replicate the depth of engagement we have being in the same room. For us, there’s just something about stripping away any intermediate elements (typing, screens, microphones) that gets us to focus in a way being physically apart doesn’t.

But overall, I definitely agree that the focus should be on what’s most conducive for the individual to do their best work. If you’re requiring someone to be physically near you just to make sure they’re getting stuff done, you have a bigger issue to address.