Slides were created as a supplement to our speech, not to express information on their own. You were meant to be used for in-person presentations, not decks over email.
Open Letter to a Pitch Deck
Ish Jindal

Very interesting premise and concept. After going through the AirBnB demo, it felt as though I was essentially being fed slides but in a more piecemeal format. Because the answer options were all pre-baked I didn’t see an immediate advantage to that vs. clicking through the same info in a deck.

Despite that, it was still an interesting experience to consume the material in a more conversational way.

What do you see as the main benefits to presenting material in this way? Is it that you can allow someone to customize the presentation around the material they’re most interested in based on pre-baked decision points? Or that by getting the information in a conversational format it focuses you on the points being presented rather than skipping/skimming?

Also curious how you combat the challenge of doing quick re-viewings for items you want to go through again, and/or share with a colleague?

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